Since 1931, Filipinos have immigrated to Canada in hopes of starting a better life. Filipinos have become an integral part of the Canadian cultural mosaic for years. The Filipino community has contributed to the economic growth of provinces like Alberta. With over 175,000 Albertans who view themselves as Filipinos, the Filipino community is represented in almost all walks of life.  It’s not surprise that the success of every ethnic community is influenced by the strength of its business community. In June of 2018, Filipino leaders from across the province gathered in Calgary at the first Alberta Filipino Leaders Summit.  Among the many important topics discussed was the importance of a strong, connected Filipino Canadian business community. Through unanimous vote, business leaders agreed that an organization is needed to represent the best interest of the Filipino Canadian community through its business leaders. With the help of 15 volunteers in the business community, The Filipino Chamber of Commerce Alberta was born.

The purpose of the Filipino Chamber of Commerce is to enhance the economic, civic and cultural wellbeing of the Filipino Canadian community by elevating the visibility, standards and ethics of its business leaders.

Representing food and beverage, professional corporations, entertainment, trades, agriculture, hospitality immigration, health and wellness, real estate and many other business sectors, the Filipino Chamber of Commerce Alberta represents the many talents, skills and expertise of its members and those of its affiliated associations.  The Filipino Chamber of Commerce Alberta was formed to complement the advocacy, networking and membership benefits of its ever growing membership.  With the support of the provincial government and representation of many corporate members across Alberta, the Filipino Chamber of Commerce will continue to evolve to become the leading voice of business issues surrounding its members across Alberta